5 great cycling spots in Reno

Fast, flexible, uplifting. Bicycle is the best way to discover a new city. After 3 weeks living in Reno, Nevada, US and riding my bike everyday, I’ve selected my favourite 5 spots for cycling in the city.

1. Huffaker Hill.

A nice climb with awesome views of the city. Great place for a picnic! Even if the entrance is supposed to be just for trucks and cars, lots of locals ride their bike all the way up. NANKAIA bicycle Reno cycling NANKAIA bicycle Reno cycling

2.Virginia Lake

Perfect spot for reading or just relaxing. It’s very close to Midtown Reno, a very quiet and non-frequented place. The lake is surrounded by trees and pretty little houses. NANKAIA bicycle Reno cycling reno-virginia-lake-img_0602

3. Street art ride.

NANKAIA bicycle Reno cycling Downtown and Midtown Reno have amazing murals in alleys and small streets. The best way of enjoying them: by bike. ArtspotReno uploaded an extremely useful online map, pointing each mural on the way for not missing any of them. Here’s the link:
Midtown Mural Tour

4. Truckee River

There’s a long bikepath along the Truckee River. From downtown heading west, you can’t miss the Riverside Hub Coffee Roasters for excellent coffee and nice people. After that, you will pass through the Idlewild park and then you can enjoy a great bike path arriving to Dorostkar Park. In this last part, there are some Goatheads (Tribulus terrestris), an opportunistic plant that guarantees a flat tire. It’s better to bring some patches or a spare tube. From downtown heading east, following the riverpath we can arrive to Aventura Clothing, NANKAIA bicycle Reno cycling  

5. Windy Hill.

Lovely ride passing through some ranches. To get there head south on Lakeside St. NANKAIA bicycle Reno cycling NANKAIA bicycle Reno cycling    


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